The goal of the FARAMIR project is to research and develop techniques for increasing the radio environmental and spectral awareness of future wireless systems. The project aims to accomplish this by developing a reference architecture and implementation for Radio Environment Maps (REMs), which are essentially knowledge bases in which cognitive radios and store and access information on the environment and other wireless systems. New spectrum sensing technologies and algorithms are also being developed, including novel radio neighbourhood mapping techniques for characterizing interference sources. These technologies will then be applied for resource management decisions in a variety of wireless network types. The project will also carry out extensive spectrum measurements to improve our understanding of usage of spectrum in Europe, both in different countries and in different socio-economic environments.

Project Coordinator
Prof. Petri Mähönen

Project Manager
Janne Riihijärvi
Phone: + 49 241 80 20921
Fax:     +49 241 80 620900