REM Reference Implementation

The FARAMIR project has released parts of the Radio Environment Map (REM) prototype as open source project for the research community. From the following link you can download an archive including the relevant codebase, basic documentation, instructions for usage, as well as the licensing information. For more details of the prototype implementation as well as application scenarios are discussed in the technical report D6.2 available under the Deliverables page.

Download the REM source code.


Spectrum Measurement Data

The project has carried out extensive spectrum use measurements in several European countries, and is making the data from these measurement campaigns progressively available to the research community. In order to access the data fill in the registration form in order to get user account for this part of the downloads repository (simultaneously accepting the license and the conditions of access for the data given in the document). You can then log in using your credentials in the form on the right hand panel, after which you can download the data from this page. The data formats used are described concisely here, and details of the measurement setup can be found from the technical report D3.3 available under the Deliverables page.